We have a host of WONDERFUL projects underway around the world and are seeking new ones.  We are currently redeveloping this area of our website to make it possible for you to learn much more on either a regional or project basis, tour images of the sites and people involved, dive deeper into robust project details as well as find job postings for both pay and volunteer-based opportunities.  Thank You for your patience.  We'll have this up and running in no time!


The Levenson Foundation



Philanthropically Impacting the World Through the Lens of Mental Healthcare, Trauma-Reduction and Addiction Treatment 

Current Global Projects ‚Äč

Global Addiction Professional Exchange Program

"We tremendously prefer and strenuously strive to reach the suffering through and with 

harmonious local support and friendly collaboration.  On this however, our primary mandate,

we will not be marginalized, deterred or threatened away.  With or without help, even in the face

of fierce opposition - we will reach them - we will treat them - we will peaceably fulfill our 

duty to Love them, for, the truth is, we are them."                -Ben Levenson,   Chairman