We genuinely thank you for taking your valuable time to visit our website.  We hope you are inspired while you seek to learn more about the Levenson Foundation and its' heart-based mission to leverage and harmonize our unique, abundant and diverse range of financial, clinical and business expertise.  We work primarily in the Developing World to compassionately reduce suffering in those who struggle with a wide range of complex challenges, including addictive illnesses, mental health issues, PTSD and trauma.  

Long-Form of Our Mission Statement

The Foundation's publicly-spirited mission is to reduce human suffering in the World through the application of new, experimental, evidence and/or outcome-informed clinical strategies towards the specific goal of enhancing the well-being, psychological and physical safety of our all whom we encounter, including our colleague-collaborators, but always most importantlywe always delivering our services to those end-consumers of our care free of any financial charge or fee payable to us in any way.


Our Work in the World

The Levenson Foundation ("TLF") is a privately-funded philanthropic organization chartered to measurably and positively impact the then-currently most suffering, traumatized and/or disadvantaged populations on Planet Earth.  We work with intentional disregard of our collaborators' and beneficiaries' race, creed, religion, social stigmas, nationality (or lack thereof), physical and psychiatric conditions, geopolitical or sexual orientation, current locale, culture of origin, genetic origin and all other similar beautifully distinguishing features of humankind.

We are ever-increasing our diverse portfolio of humanitarian projects and activities around the world, each most often having a focus on addiction and mental health treatment, trauma-reduction and recovery support. Our human-centric projects strive to remain non-political but necessarily and mindfully confront social, ethnic, cultural, religious, governmental policy and other divides that foster separateness and pain instead of the Oneness which humanity's most-respected religious, academic, metaphysical, political, social and scientific scholars suggest we really are.

A General Description Of Our Activity

We are chartered, structured and managed to provide stable financial, operational, clinical, relational and geopolitical support to our projects and beneficiaries domestic and abroad. TLF increasingly advises not only NGO's, but numerous governments and their sub-agencies at the highest-levels regarding relevant policy, regulation and systems/continuum of care architecture and design as well as treatment philosophy.

Important to note, the majority of our work revolves around directly funding, mentoring, training, collaboratively operating and, almost always, clinically advising administrators, physicians, nurses, psychologists, therapists and support staff at young and existing public or private therapeutic service providers and treatment programs.  We may also directly operate our own programs which deliver services to end-consumers when no viable service vehicles exists or when those which do are non-collaborative with us.

International Activities

TLF's current international work largely focuses on enhancing treatment for individuals and families affected by addictive and mental illness.  We are rapidly expanding our footprint across the globe including the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  Stay real-time with our activities throughout the world through our Social Media Platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn, or, as aleways return to our site to  learn more about our general work abroad.

TLF Forms "Clinical Special Forces" Unit

Truly unique within the mental health-oriented family foundation community, we recognized the need and are developing the ability to rapidly deploy our elite "Clinical Special Forces Unit", which includes a military-grade close-protection security detail, anywhere in the world. By government request, we will project our go-team anywhere we are summoned to triage and treat innocent victims of violent civil unrest, mental-health-related social injustice and/or innocent traumatized victims of war whom are in immediate need of our specialized capabilities. 


Domestic Activities

In collaboration with several distinguished universities, leading academic and practicing experts and other NGO's, TLF's current domestic activities include funding research into clinical outcomes of US addiction treatment programs and the utilization of that data to improve both the quality of care and delivery models in the US and abroad.  Further, we are working to influence Federal and State policy through our private lobbyist(s) in DC advocating for issues important to us including outcome-informed care modeling and quality-based purchasing models for addiction treatment.

Altruistically Reducing World Suffering



The Levenson Foundation has identified the Carribean and its diverse people as a place of interest for a potential TLF project.  We invite you to contact us if you are aware of addiction or other program(s) in the Upper or Lower Antilles or Jamaica that could benefit from our involvement.

The Levenson Foundation is evaluating opportunities to positively impact the addiction treatment landscape in Africa.  If you know of programs or people who could benefit from TLF's clinical expertise and resources, we invite you to email us!

Connecting To Africa

The Levenson Foundation



Project Holy Land

TLF Chairman Mr. Ben Levenson, in collaboration with C4 Recovery Solutions, has been working for over five years in this tumultuous region with the esteemed Israeli Anti-Drug Agency as well as with individuals and families outside of their service reach and scope.  We are currently seeking new project opportunities!  Make CONTACT and PROPOSE YOUR PROJECT here.

TLF is heavily engaged, in intense collaboration with the Turkish Government, C4 Recovery Solutions and Origins Behavioral HealthCare, in numerous Projects ranging from funding and in-depth operational support of two Addiction Treatment Programs to Women's Empowerment Projects to Trauma-reduction Studies and work within the Syrian refugee population fleeing the civil war itself and the threat of terror groups' barbaric violence against innocent men, women and children.

Global Addiction Professional Exchange Program

Care in the Carribean

Philanthropically Impacting the World Through the Lens of Mental Healthcare, Trauma-Reduction and Addiction Treatment 

Our Current Regions of Focus

"We tremendously prefer and strenuously strive to reach the suffering through and with 

harmonious local support and friendly collaboration.  On this however, our primary mandate,

we will not be marginalized, deterred or threatened away.  With or without help, even in the face

of fierce opposition - we will reach them - we will treat them - we will peaceably fulfill our 

duty to Love them, for, the truth is, we are them."                -Ben Levenson,   Chairman